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Indian Institute of Public Health Gandhinagar

Student Profile : Master of Public Health (MPH)

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Student Profile : Master of Hospital Administration (MHA)

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Gaurav Masih

Program Officer – Training & Implementation (The Antra Foundation )

MPH 2017-19 Batch

In the two memorable years (2017-19), I spent in college, I acquired certain interest in Public Health. Here, I received mentors & companions, they have been my constant guide. “My presence here today (In, The Antara Foundation-Mahasamund Chhattisgarh, as Program Officer-Training & Implementation) is an act of approval, which recalls my past association and record my debt to this Institution (IIPHG).”

Srinidhi Koya

Research Fellow/ Doctoral Student at Teesside University, UK
Studied MPH at IIPHG (2016-18)
Background: BSc (Microbiology, Zoology & Chemistry)

 I liked the balance between health, social sciences, and economics that was maintained throughout the MPH course. Concepts taught during epidemiology, public health nutrition, NCDs, biostatistics, social and behavioural sciences, and research ethics modules have helped me so much while working.

During MPH, we would often go for field visits to the nearby villages, health centres and schools to interact with the community. I have realized that field lessons stay with you for a lifetime!

I am very glad that I chose IIPHG while building the foundation for my public health career!

Abhijeet Saxena (MPH)

“During my bachelor’s in science, I have had minimal exposure to community services with no clarity on future goals. IIPHG provided the concrete base for my learning and developed the motivation to contribute towards society. It helped me to identify what interests me and provided the environment to work towards it. To me, IIPHG is not just an educational institution but also a centre for holistic development. After the completion of my MPH degree, I worked enthusiastically in Bihar for around two years before moving to Swastha Bharat Prerak (SBP) Program (Tata Trust and MoWCD initiative) under POSHAN Abhiyaan as State Lead for Chhattisgarh.’’

Bansi Dave (PGDPHM)

Ms. Bansi Dave, a Biomedical Engineer has pursued Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health Management. After her B.E. She is currently Working as Senior Consultant at Healthark Insights (Healthcare Consulting Start-Up) in Ahmedabad

“IIPHG has given me not only the chance to understand healthcare system, but also changed my perspective towards it. The course at IIPHG helped me nurture managerial and operational skills. I am thankful to IIPHG for its invaluable contribution to my professional journey”

Minjan Patel (PGDPHM)

IIPHG has provided a platform to expand my horizons and networking in public health field. Great thanks to IIPHG for the various level guidance and support for my public health journey.

Dr. Amit Kitukale


“The MPH program at IIPHG has imparted me with the required skills to be a confident Public health professional ready to take on any challenge Most important thing, the guidance from competent faculties, interaction with the eminent leaders of organization, various interdisciplinary seminars ensured the best learning experience The internships and dissertation expose students to both the Public and Private sector Overall, it was an enriching and rewarding experience at IIPHG”

Dr. Nihar Ranjan Ray

Team lead
WHO (NPSP)-Odisha

“From the very beginning I knew I wanted to move into public and global health, and I knew I had much to learn, beyond formal medical curriculum.“

“The management, communication and social science modules of this institute are really a class apart. It gives any individual the extra-edge. The research skills learnt here are really helpful and enables enough to lead in field of public health.”

“IIPH Gandhinagar University offered me such opportunity in Public health skill enhancement.“

Dr. Priya Bansal


Done MPH from IIPH Gandhinagar
Now working as a Surveillance Medical Officer (SMO) in WHO

Cecil Stanley


District Technical officer – Outreach and Nutrition,
CARE India, Siwan, Bihar

As an Outreach and Nutrition officer, I  support the Health and ICDS departments in their related activities. 
Facilitate VHSND sessions
Train the Government officials
Sensitizing the community on Health and Nutrition.
Upgrade the services with regard to the standard guidelines.

Gaurav Masih


After working for more than 4 years with various International NGOs such as World Vision India, Clinton Access Health Initiative, MPVHA (MP Voluntary Health Association), Micronutrient Initiative now Nutrition International, I realized that only with my management and social science skills & expertise, I had a limited access and lacked understanding of the public health field. So, in order to excel my knowledge, understanding and skill set, I applied for the MPH program at IIPHG.

IIPHG, being an esteemed college with committed faculties, gave me no second thought before applying. As a result, I applied for MPH in 2017 and got selected which was one of the most memorable day for me.

For the faculties of the IIPHG, in my words, all are “LIVE THINK-TANKS”, they are the guiding mates, like a friend, elders, parents and help us to be the best version of ourselves professionally. All you need to do is just be proactive, and if you have a THIRST for learning, they will be more than happy to quench your thirst with their knowledge and experiences.

IIPHG encouraged me to get exposure of grassroot Public Health issues and experience first-hand knowledge by choosing Bihar State for my Internship & Dissertation place, under CARE INDIA Organization.

Ms. Vrunda Shah


Deepak Foundation

“For mostly I thank IIPHG and the course of MPH which held us all to another level  of not just teaching but evolved our thinking too”

 Ms. Mansi Tyagi


DMO – CARE, Bihar

“IIPHG gave me the confidence to move beyond my limits and grow. The knowledge that I acquired in MPH has helped me grow an excel in life”

Dr. Ekta Sharma

B.D.S., M.P.H.

Research Co-ordinator,PGIMER

“MPH from IIPHG helped me in gaining invaluable insight and expertise into the public health arena. It was a pleasure to learn from a diverse and talented group of faculty here. Thank you IIPHG for the enriching education and knowledge.”

Dr.Shailja Shah

  • IIPHG has taught me a lot, whether it is theoretical knowledge , practical exposure or helping me to prepare professionally so that I can enter my job field.
  • I am an Infosys fellow, who is currently placed in a NGO. IIPHG has not only given me an opportunity for the fellowship but also helped me to prepare myself and develop certain skills sets that are required in the carrier life. I am able to think more critically, and started to apply classroom learnings in field
  • I with my team recently conducted health need assessment in different states, developed a program on prioritized health needs along with implementation strategy and monitoring tool to monitor the status of the program. This is definitely not possible without the learnings IPHG professors have imparted.
  • The main intervention is Heath promotion and education in our organization. I can better plan now and find strategies to effectively deliver the messages.
  • So whether it is critical thinking skill, management skills, analytical skills, team spirit, knowledge, communication skills, research skills, and much more IIPHG is a helping hand.
  • I currently develop modules, conduct capacity building trainings, develop monitoring tool, strengthening the quality of data and documentation. Along with this, I also write concept notes, research proposals, developing tool for research, doing analysis and report writing.
  • I am collaborating right from the grass root level to higher authorities which includes government officials and officials from the private firms.

It is a wonderful experience which could have not been possible without IIPHG.

Dr. Pooja Patel


Quality officer,

National Institute of Mental Health And Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bengaluru

“IIPHG University offered me such a opportunity to enhance my skill and expand my knowledge not only in the field of hospital management and administration but also in the public health which is core area of any healthcare system. “Profession ready” faculties at IIPHG are very helpful to build my career in the hospital administration. They are student friendly and ready to guide me at each step of my profession. They helped me to be the best version of myself.”



Intern- Hospital Networking and Quality Assurance

National Health Authority,New Delhi

IIPHG- one word for this place “Wonderful” I feel lucky & proud at the same time to be a part of this precious family. From the dedicated & always ready to help faculty, Campus full of positive vibes & exuberance, Hostel life & to having friends who turned into family, this place had given life changing experience. also,

IIPHG taught me to think critically, organize my life, helped me personally realize my own leadership skills and given me opportunity to apply these tools in all aspects of my life.

Dr. Himanshi Shukla


Associate, Operations
Zydus Hospital, Ahmedabad

“IIPHG has turned out to be a life changing milestone of my life. The time spent at IIPHG will be one of the most memorable experience of my life. From the ‘always ready to help’ and ‘never saying no’ professors to the friends that turned into family for life, from the enlightening classroom lectures and discussions to the fun filled, bright and lively campus  environment, everything has added a never fading value and memory, that I will cherish for life. Wherever I’ll go, whatever I’ll become, my roots will always be at IIPHG.”

Vivek Das

Health Account Manager


‘IIPHG has been a different type of experience for me.during the time I learned about my self, different cultures, different thought process and different people. Which was enricing,Faculties are always there to help you out with academics. It is definitely an experience that I have truly love having .the most I missed about IIPHG is being with friends ,who turned into families during the last two years ,the campus and the badminton Court & Dk bhaiya’.

Student Profile : Master of Public Health (MPH)