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Kranti Suresh Vora

Indian Institute of Public Health Gandhinagar

Dr. Kranti Suresh Vora

Additional Professor

Dr Kranti Suresh Vora is an additional professor at Indian Institute of Public Health Gandhinagar. Kranti is an obstetrician who completed MPH from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg school of Public Health, USA and PhD from University of Maryland College Park, USA. Kranti has worked on projects with international universities such as Karolinska Institutet, University of Aberdeen and University of Canberra. She has managed large projects and has publications in renowned journals such as PlosOne, WHO Bulletin and JHPN among others.

Areas of interest

  • Maternal Health
  • Reproductive Health
  • Health systems strengthening
  • Demographic Surveillance
  • Health policy

Awards and Grants

  • WIN MCH (PI)
  • DST SEED Grant (PI)
  • Improving managerial effectiveness among provincial health directors funded by Unicef Afghanistan (PI)
  • Public Health Research Initiative Grant – [PI]
  • Empowering FLHTL (DRF)- (PI)
  • WASH project with University of Aberdeen (Co-PI)
  • MATIND Project, EU (FP7) – Coordinated Phase III in Gujarat                                               

Key publications

  1. Mariano Salazar, Kranti Vora, Kristi Sidney Annerstedt and Ayesha De Costa. Caesarean sections in the in the context of the Chiranjeevi Yojana public private partnership program to promote institutional birth in Gujarat, India; does the embedded disincentive for caesarean section work?International Journal for Equity in Health (2019) 18:17. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12939-019-0922-
  2. Vora Kranti S, Saiyed Shahin L, Yasobant S, Shah Saanchi, Mavalankar Dileep V. “Journey to death: Are health systems failing mothers. Indian J Community Med 2018; 43:233-8.
  3. Kranti Suresh Vora, Sandul Yasobant, Amit Patel, Ashish Upadhyay, Dileep V Mavalankar.(2015) Has Chiranjeevi Yojana changed the geographic availability of free Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric Care Services in Gujarat, India?” Glob Health Action. 2015 Oct 6;8:28977. doi: 10.3402/gha.v8.28977. e Collection 2015.
  4. Kranti Suresh Vora, Sandul Yasobant, Raja Sengupta, Ayesha De Costa, Ashish Upadhyay, Dileep V Mavalankar (2015) Options for optimal coverage of free C-section services for poor mothers in Indian state of Gujarat: Location allocation analysis using GIS. PLoS One. 2015 Sep 2; 10(9):e0137122. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0137122. eCollection 2015.
  5. Vora Kranti, Koblinsky Sally, Koblinsky Marge. (2015) Predictors of maternal health services utilization by poor, rural women: a comparative study in Indian States of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. JHPN, 33:9. http://www.jhpn.org/content/33/1/9.

Electives Offered and distance learning program developed

  • Operations Research to MPH
  • Grant writing for public health-DL
  • Improving managerial effectiveness-DL