Course of PHFI Supported by IIPHG 

(Following Courses/Programs of PHFI offered in e-learning mode academically supported by IIPHG )


Certificate Program in Research Methodology (CRM)


CRM is a six-month E-Learning program developed by IIPHG for health, medical and development professionals. The purpose of the program is to build research methodology skills. IIPHG has successfully completed four batches and total of 236 participants, including ten international candidates, till date.

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Certificate Programme in Health, Safety and Environment Management (HSE)


HSE is a three-month E-Learning course for health, medical, environment, safety and engineering professionals. The aim of this course is to introduce participants to the concepts and components of HSE and understand HSE issues in India and globally. The course is open to any science graduate/diploma holder and is useful to those pursuing studies or work in the areas of industrial safety, environmental science, occupational health, etc.

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Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health and Hospital Management for Nursing and Allied Health Profession


This course is offered as a Post-Graduate Diploma Program (twelve-month course). The objective of this diploma course is to provide an opportunity to students and in-service nursing and allied health professionals in public and private bodies to upgrade their knowledge and skills in basic disciplines of public health and /or hospital management responding to the changing health needs of the society.

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Certificate Course on Gender and Health


Gender is one of the important set of dimensions along which every society is organised and almost often stratified. An understanding of gender and gender relations is important to understand its implications on health.  There is an intrinsic need to look at health from a gender perspective, and in relationship with health systems, policy and program environment, demographic structures, violence and humanitarian emergencies.  The course on Gender and Health (G&H) aims to build capacity in this important social determinant of health.Designed in a blended learning format, the course will be taught by a multidisciplinary team from IIPHG and experts from outside it.

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Certificate Course on Grant Writing

Certificate course on Effective Grant writing in Public health is a three-month E-Learning program designed to develop expertise in intricacies of grant writing in the field of public health.The course has been developed by Indian Institute of Public Health Gandhinagar (IIPHG).It will be delivered by a multidisciplinary team from IIPHG and experts in the field.

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